YOUR TRUST IS REWARDED! marmassistance awarded as the world’s best at Cost Containment Assistance.

We have achieved another major milestone in our 30 year history.  In Vienna, we received “The Company of the Year” award in ITIJ’s cost containment category.

This award proved that our efforts to become “the extended arm” of the industry at the Marm Service Coverage Area (Turkey, Middle East, North Africa) has been recognized by visionary industry professionals such as yourselves. ITIJ announced that the factors which played a crucial role in this selection were; our recent expansion in the region to handle local matters with more efficiency, our scientific approach to containing medical costs, our key role in the regional healthcare dynamics and our ability to come in where others could not.

This award shows that the strategy we have set for the future has proven right, which the industry stakeholders have confirmed by choosing us as the Company of the Year. It also goes to show that we have partners who believe in us, which is the ground on which we base the future of our business, Mahmut Kadirbeyoğlu, CEO of marm says.

We would like to thank our clients, service providers and the team for all the incredible moments we have had together and the collaboration we have put forth over the course of these 30 years. We have learned a lot from each other in this path, and we will continue to bring new innovations to the table for a smoother patient-hospital- insurer cycle.

Look forward to many more years of friendship, success and glory.


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