Greetings to all,

As marmassistance, we have set the wheels of modern and professional assistance services in motion in Turkey back in 1986.

In a short time, our dedication and dynamism have helped us achieve unrivaled levels of service excellence and made us an assistance powerhouse in not only Turkey but the whole region.

World’s most prestigious names from a variety of industries depend on our expertise and know-how in delivering top-of-the-line assistance solutions targeted to make their clients feel safe, comfortable and at-home during their travels in and to our region. We take well-deserved pride in seeing a job very well done.

Our values and approach have taken us from a modest start to where we stand today – a regional assistance powerhouse highly-esteemed by all stakeholders in the assistance, insurance and tourism industries. However our job is far more difficult now. With the growing competition, constantly changing business landscape and perpetually increasing customer demands, we know we have to work even harder to sustain and further excel our position.

We are confident in ourselves though. We know that should we continue to fully-embrace our values, we will come out triumphant.

  • Customer-orientation; our clients and their customers are our raison d’etre. We keep our finger on the pulse of our customers – what they want, what they need at all times. At marmassistance, we work continuously to improve our operations and devise new solutions parallel with these needs & wants.
  • Innovation; we integrate new technologies and processes in our operations to attend to these changing needs and wants of our customers. We invent and re-invent assistance solutions to fully-satisfy our clients and re-vitalize the look of assistance services globally and regionally.
  • Customization; We are flexible, adaptive and dynamic. We don’t confine our clients with a given set of services. We learn about them. We listen to them. We customize our solutions, pro-actively or upon request, to deliver pinpointed services specifically for our customers’ unique needs.
  • Global and local; We follow and embrace the latest global standards our clients are accustomed to. And we build upon them.  We know our region inside-out. We blend our knowledge of regional cultural idiosyncracies with cutting-edge global solutions for an ultimately efficient, global but local approach.
  • Leadership;   We’ve pioneered the assistance concept in the region. We have made it our mission to introduce top-notch assistance services in the region and to give them a new face compliant with the regional culture. We’ll continue to give a direction to the assistance services in the region.
  • Global-orientation; Through our global service provider network, we make sure our local and international clients can easily access our top-of-the-line solutions anywhere, anytime.  By being present on-the-spot, we ensure fast, reliable and high-quality assistance for those in need.
  • Respect; We respect international and local laws and business ethics and always think twice to make sure we abide by these written and unwritten rules. Our respect for our clients fuels our continuous search for innovative, tailor-made solutions. We respect our community that’s helped us get here and do our best to give-back at any opportunity.

We are sure that in light of our values and approach and with our partners’ valuable support, we’ll sustain our high level of quality and continue to be your extended arm in the region.

Best Regards,

Mahmut Kadirbeyoğlu

CEO & Board Member

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