Corporate Social Responsibility


We owe it to our communitiy that has helped us this far. We know it’s in all of our’s best interest to contribute to the economic, environmental, and social sustainability of our communities across the world…


We feel connected with the less fortunate people in society and utilize our resources and expertise to  contribute to the well-being of local and international community whenever necessary.

Our most prominent acts of “giving back” have come during various natural and man-made disasters that riddled Turkey and the surrounding regions. In the past, we, together with our sister company Redstar Aviation, have participated in relief efforts in regards to the following natural disasters:


  • Erzincan (1992)
  • Dinar (1995)
  • Marmara (1999)



  • Adana (1994)
  • Bartin (1998)


marmassistance and Redstar Aviation have provided humanitarian assistance during conflicts in:

  • Northern Iraq (1990)
  • Balkans (1996)
  • Caucasus (1999)


We are also involved in numerous non-profit projects. Every year, on a regular basis, our staff donates blood to the Red Cross of Turkey and donates to charity organizations that support the underprivileged, undereducated children and children with leukemia.

On top of all this, we integrate socially-responsible solutions in our operations as well. The E-Document Portal we recently introduced, offers our clients the possibility to access each and every document with respect to a specific requested file that is normally sent to them via cargo. This way documents no longer need to be printed which is saving a lot of paper. The E-Document Portal is built upon the premise of switching to an entirely paperless system.


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