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MarmNet™ – Online File Handling System

MarmNet 1

MarmNet is a fully web-based file handling system to be used to handle a large volume of files with complete ease, transparency and control. Within MarmNet it is possible to open, edit, follow, close and track files online without the need for inconvenient, time-consuming e-mailings. MarmNet also provides case details including file status, medical reports, arrangements and any type of useful case information as well as providing connectivity options to the marmassistance E-Invoicing/E-Documentation applications. Thanks to this platform, marmassistance’s actions can be tracked realtime by client assistance companies.

The executive mode of MarmNET is characterized by usability. MarmNet contains several password levels in order to separate 'general' vs. 'top-level' data. While operations departments access the file handling platform, company executives will be able to oversee seasonal or annual financial and operational reports.

MarmNet is the ultimate communication tool for clients who are looking for seamless communication solutions.  


Mobile Roadside Application

The Mobile Roadside Application of marmassistance aims to provide drivers with a hassle-free roadside assistance experience en route. The application allows drivers to access the reliable and fast  roadside assistance services provided by marmassistance Alarm Center with a single click in case they experience technical problems with their cars. The application is compatible with both Android and iOS.

The marmassistance Mobile Roadside Application offers drivers several advantages:

  • A driver who's having technical problems with his car, simply runs the application, presses the huge 'Call Assistance Company' button and instantly contacts the marmassistance 24/7 Alarm Center. He will not be losing any precious time at the very beginning of the process by endless searching for the right alarm number.
  • Following the installation, the application prompts users to enter necessary vehicle and user information (VIN, plate number, car model, etc). This information is automatically relayed to marmassistance operators when the driver makes a call. This eliminates the hassle for the driver to communicate confusing, time-taking information over the phone in a time of distress and speeds-up the entitlement check which will be finished in an error-proof manner.
  • Utilizing the GPS of the user's device, the exact location of the car can be retrieved by the marmassistance Alarm Center. Drivers are no longer required to give directions, describe landmarks or even know which highway they are on. Necessary towing or roadside assistance is dispatched to the exact location, avoiding any unnecessary de-tours and hence increased costs and response times.
  • Using the marmassistance Mobile Roadside Application, drivers can access the contact and location information of nearby authorized services and repair sites on a real-time map. The driver’s exact location is determined by the phone’s GPS. The real-time map makes it easy for the driver to navigate to the nearest service provider.


E-Document: Paperless invoicing System

e document system

The E-Document Portal offers clients of marmassistance the possibility to access each and every document with respect to a specific requested file that is normally sent to them via cargo, including marmassistance coverpage, savings tables, hospital invoices, proformas, medical reports, marmassistance handling fee invoices and other arrangement invoices.

The E-document Portal is synced and embedded in MarmNET. Combined with MarmNet’s the E-Document Portal provides marmassistance clients with a one-stop, streamlined platform for all file handling and accounting processes in an eco-friendly way. The E-Document Portal represents a new age of accounting including the premise of an entirley paperless system.


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