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Stars Crescent Assistance

Stars Crescent Assistance (SCA) is a fully private on-site health management services company entirely dedicated to the health sector, which focuses on national and international assignments. SCA provides sophisticated “On-site Health Management Services & Logistic Assistance” to both local and international companies, with an experience of 12 years. SCA is the only company providing this service under international guidelines in Turkey. SCA’s commitment is to establish and maintain industry standards of excellence, within country by complimenting philosophy. It has acquired a wide range of experience and built skills that are acknowledged by all its partners.

Stars Crescent Assistance also provides a wide-range of assistance services to International Travel & Health Insurance Companies in Turkey. SCA provides assistance services throughout Turkey, and the region of the Caucasus, the Balkans, the Middle East and Central Asia. The scope of services is formulated to parallel the requirements of SCA partner members to achieve utmost success and satisfaction.


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