Our Information Security Policy

The main subject of Information Security Management System is to increase service quality, ensure in/out customer satisfaction and information security system management, guarantee risk management, measure information security management process performance and render the organization of the relations with the third parties by supplying reliable, reachable, sustainable and right information.



  • To ensure the confidentiality of information with the method of uncontrolled information access prevention
  • To ensure the sustainability of the three main elements of Information Security Management System in all activities executed.
    • Confidentiality : To prevent the unauthorized access to considerable information
    • Coherence : To ensure the accuracy of information
    • Accessibility : To be able to access information authorizations within the authorizations
  • To be able to control the accesibility and sustainability of the system with continual and regular      reviews.
  • Detection and evaluation of the risks against the existence of information and to sustain risk management by doing required improvement activities, to monitor and review reqularly.
  • To increase the awareness of the employees about the subjects of information security and sustainability with the required training and workshops.
  • To ensure that we are prepared against all kinds of threat.
  • To sustain the awareness and sub-structure on customer information security
  • It is our duty to ensure the accessibility and management of information abiding by the requirements related to legal and regulatory agreements within the framework of laws.


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