Here at marmassistance, we know a qualified and dedicated service provider network constitutes the essence of top-notch assistance services.

Hence it is and has always been our top operational priority to create a network that possesses substantial reach and can be effectively managed. We look out for new members to increase our network’s efficiency and coverage. We maintain constant contact with our network to ensure a qualified and dedicated team.

We have tremendous relations with the best medical facilities in the region. Thanks to our great relations and vast experience with them, we obtain a highly-streamlined process between the patient, medical facility and insurer. When complemented with ground & air ambulance service providers, medical equipment suppliers, dentists, dialysis centers and pharmacies spread all over the region, our medical network ensures a safe, healthy treatment where all our clients get their value for money.

Similarly, we make use of an extensive technical network including towing companies, authorized and private garages, car rental companies, truck companies and customs brokers. With the expertise and energy of this network, our clients can promise their customers ultimate mobility and comfort in their travels.

The service providers in our network are carefully selected. In order to maintain the quality level of our services for you and your clients, we audit our service providers individually and on a regular basis.

Coverage Area

In time, we’ve expanded our service provider network as per our clients’ needs, and we’re continuously making our network more powerful with the addition of more service providers. Today our network offers the same high-quality services it delivers in Turkey in 22 countries in the neighboring region;

  • Euro-Asia : Turkey, Cyprus, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Greece, Bulgaria
  • Middle East : the UAE, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Oman, Yemen, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain
  • North Africa : Egypt, Libya


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