Vehicle Assistance


We offer an extensive set of fast, reliable and professional vehicle assistance services to our partners which include automobile clubs and travel insurance companies mainly from Europe, next to car manufacturers in Turkey.


Our Motivation

We understand it is our clients’ priority to provide their customers (policy holders, drivers, etc.) to sustain their mobility while securing their peace-of-mind. That’s where we step in. Through our rich resources and local expertise, we make sure our clients maximize customer satisfaction and guarantee customer loyalty.


What Makes Us Better?

Provider Network

We offer instantaneous and on-the-spot assistance services to clients in need through a network of 4000+ providers all over Turkey. The utilization of a wide-coverage network shortens our response time and ensures highest-quality assistance services anywhere, anytime for drivers and at significantly curbed claims costs for our clients.

Mobile Application

Created for the use of all international policy holders and local drivers, marmassistance Mobile Roadside Assistance Application enables drivers to reach top-of-the-line assistance services with a single click. Significantly curtailing “call time” in stressed moments, marmassistance Mobile Application helps our clients differentiate themselves through innovation.

Real-time & MI Reporting

Thanks to our cutting-edge IT infrastructure, we have the capability to synchronize and re-configure our database systems for our clients. The result is a tailored reporting output that perfectly fits the specific needs and requirements of each individual client. The integration of our systems with that of the clients’ enable the clients to monitor our performance on a real-time basis.


Our highly-experienced tele-technicians first identify, then offer quick and easy solutions over the phone. For complicated cases, our tele-technicians provide the necessary guidelines, leading the driver to an (authorized) repair site in the safest and quickest manner. Our tele-technician team provides fast and easy over the phone solutions for drivers at near to none costs for manufacturers.


Our Solutions

Roadside Assistance

marmassistance defines its main goal as promptly solving the client’s problem, in order to reduce repair expenses and to enable the customers to continue their vacation without delay. The substructure for roadside assistance is not well developed in Turkey.

Towing Assistance

Towing services are available for vehicles with serious engine or body damage. A towing network can respond and provide service whenever the need arises in Turkey. The service is also used to tow the car to the nearest customs office with special towing trucks.

Rent a Car

This service is provided to travelers while their vehicles are in repair. Most models of cars are available for rental in Turkey, at a low cost and with insurance.

Spare Parts

This service is given if a needed spare part is not available in the garage. If the traveler needs a spare or a replacement part, we first make a search for possible sources in Turkey.

Garage (monitor of the repair)

Disabled cars are towed to the nearest qualified garage. marmassistance sends a detailed “Damage Report” to the insurance company after the first examination of the car.

Customs Services

We offer this service in accordance with the damage cost tabulation of the insurance company. Service covers the following:

  • Abandonment & temporary abandonment: If the damage is extensive and exceeds the current price of the vehicle, an option for the insurance company is to abandon the vehicle in Turkey. The insurer decides whether the vehicle is to be repatriated to the country of residency, or if the owner is in a stable condition to drive the vehicle, or a chauffeur would drive the vehicle.
  • Vehicle Repatriation: After being towed to customs, officials remove the vehicle registration from the passport of the owner and give the permission to transport the vehicle to the owner’s country of residence or any other destination.


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