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How we train and update our staff remotely?

With the COVID-19 Pandemic, companies have turned to home-office system as a mandatory requirement. This has led to the formation of new models in the training and orientation of employees. With the training/orientation programs it develops, marm assistance meets the needs of the employees and ensures that they are included in the processes immediately.

Video Trainings

Through many employees are reached at different times. Thus, it increases efficiency by saving time for both the trainer and the person receiving the training. Furthermore, it gives the opportunity to repeat the same training in whole or in part depending on the personal needs of the employees. Through the information portals developed, there is the comfort of accessing information independent of time and person.

Periodic Updates

In addition to the theoretical and practical training of all newly recruited personnel, periodic updates are provided for all personnel before and after the high business season. Monthly case-based trainings support this process.

Interactive Communication

Another factor that increases efficiency in this model is the high level of interactive communication.

Employees can meet their training needs regardless of their location and standardization is

provided for processes in a short time. In addition, this comfort ensures faster adaptation of

the employee and increases satisfaction.

With the remote training model developed by marm assistance, it has been made easier for

an employee to access the information they need.

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