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Medical Cost Containment

Medical Cost Containment has been one of the most talked over issues in health care services and health care economies.

With increased number of international travels and emerging travel insurance products, number of travellers seeking health care services during their trips increases.

Türkiye, as a major global tourism destination, attracts millions of foreign tourists annually, as its highest number of visitors in 2019 being around 51 million people, in pre-covid era.

Tourism in Türkiye is focused largely on a variety of historic sites across Anatolian Plateau and on seaside resorts along Aegean and Mediterranean Sea coasts. Wide distribution of tourism attractions and subsequently visitors, leads to distribution of health care seekers across Türkiye.

As Türkiye's first assistance company, marm assistance has established a wide network of health care providers across Türkiyet, screening carefully during annual audits by medical/ cost containment team, contracted with competitive prices and discount rates. On the other hand with extensive medical experience and knowhow of local practice habits and regulations of health authorities, marm medical/cost containment team carries out detailed line by line cost containment according to Turkish Medical Association (TTB) guidelines and Medical Procedures Database (HUV), which are now revised every 6 months by the health authorities.

24/7 Operations centre, network department and medical team contribute to assure best possible medical care is provided to the beneficiary with most competitive price and ensure best means of case management in planned/pre-informed cases.

With implementation of Evidence Based Medicine approaches into marm’s self-developed IT infrastructure, artificial intelligence and telehealth investments marm assistance targets cost prevention in prehospital era and evidence-based cost containment after admission.

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