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Medical Escort

Medical Team

Marm Assistance has an experienced in-house medical escort team and up-to-dated, frequently calibrated and controlled equipment available to be dispatched for medical escort and other field missions at any time.

Every Year We Perform;

1000 ground ambulance transports globally.

80 air ambulance missions.

200 medical escort missions.

*Red ones show the countries that we provide medical escort missions in past five years

Our in-house and full time medical team includes

8 Medical Doctors (1 General Surgeon, 1 Aeromedical Examiner and 1 Family Physician Specialist)

3 nurses

1 paramedic

Marm assistance in-house medical escort team has an extensive experience & knowhow in repatriations to/from MENA region, and countries that there may be operational difficulties due to sanctions like Iran and Afghanistan, or Iraq.

Our escort team includes members who are fluent in English, German, Arabic and Persian.

In-house medical escort team has following certifications

Basic & Advanced courses in aviation Medicine, by EUSAM, Frankfurt, Germany

Clinical Considerations in Aeromedical Transport

American Heart Association ACLS® and BLS®

Trauma & Resuscitation Course

Emergency Module Training

Pediatric Advanced Life Support

* The full-time doctors have 6 years of medicine training and minimum 2 years of medical practice experience. Our in-house and provider medical escorts all are active in medical practice. Average years spent in patient transport or emergency medicine is 8 years.

Medical Equipment is composed of Patient Transport Equipment

  • Additionally, one transfer AED, and two POC (Portable Oxygen Concentrator) are available to use.

  • All medical equipment is annually calibrated by an independent company called Medibi.

Aeromedical Transfer reports and all documents are regularly and randomly audited for quality assurance purposes.

Experience With Turkish Airlines and Other Commercial Providers

Marm Assistance can book stretcher and other arrangements (including tarmac access etc) with Turkish Airlines with competitive prices, as its entity Marm Travel can directly make these bookings with Turkish Airlines in short time with its know how and experience.

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