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  • We perform periodic assessments of our services providers (1-4 times a year)

  • Our network coverage is throughout Turkey, including all regions and is not restricted to major cities

  • In Turkey, MENA & CIS countries, we have various discount agreements

  • Our service provider classification system is ranking providers according to quality, cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction and is updated frequently

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2287 Hospitals & Clinics

180 Ground Ambulance Companies

19 Air Ambulance Partners​

185 Doctors & Nurses for house calls

85 Electricians

86 Glaziers          

120 Locksmiths

82 Plumbers

353 Towing Service Provider

1200+ Towing Trucks​

84 Rental Car Service Provider

2400+ Rental Car Vehicles

2000 Contracted Hotels in Turkey, 170.000 Hotels Abroad in 185 Countries, 5000 Destinations, 5 Transfer Providers in 75 Countries . 11.000 Boat Rental Network in 41 Countries, 961 Regions

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Network Team

Berna Gür

Medical Network & Business Development Manager

İbrahim Kapar

Network Manager

Roadside Assistance

Eylem Sak

Network Coordinator of     ARC Group

Jamil Juma

Network Manager of MENA & CIS regions

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