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Covid19 could not stop us!

Covid19 could not stop us! Marm Assistance continues its network visits and audits in Turkey via online platforms.

Marm Assistance has always given priority to organize annual visits with service providers within its network area. Our medical doctors and medical network manager have been carrying out service provider audits and visits at the end of each season.

Despite the pandemic crisis and curfews in Turkey, Marm Assistance has continued its network visits by transforming “annual visits” to “annual online visits”. So far, 80% of services providers have been audited by online visits.

When there is a need of an eye on the field, Marm Assistance would be there for clients.

Audits and visits are the milestones of medical assistance services. When it comes to health, choosing the most appropriate service provider is of crucial importance.

In the light of network visits and audits, our team prepares an assessment for each service provider. These assessments are great means to determine operational process while choosing the correct service provider. Medical team gives objective and sound feedback to our service providers and clients based on these assessments.

New visits and audits are on the way…

Regular visits and audits bring along new negotiation opportunities with service providers and expanded service areas. Our audits and visits will continue, and new service providers will be added to our network area.

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