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Coronavirus self-isolation

What is self-isolation? Self-isolation means cutting yourself off from the rest of the world. Try to stay at home, don’t go to work, school or other public places, and avoid public transport or taxis.

When should I self-isolate? People should stay at home for seven days if they have either:

  • A high temperature above 37.8C (100F)

  • A new continuous cough

Why do I need to self-isolate?

  • There is no vaccine for coronavirus and no specific treatment. Antibiotics are no use as they do not work against viruses.

  • Any treatment can only relieve symptoms while your body fights the illness.

  • All this means avoiding human contact if you have the infection is a vital part of trying to prevent its spread.

How do I get better?

  • Get plenty of rest and drink enough fluids so that you pass urine regularly

  • Take medicine to reduce pain and fever

  • Keep in contact with friends and family by phone, video and online

  • Carry on your hobbies and interests where possible and try to take regular exercise

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