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Covid-19 Outbreak Status 'Turkey'

Update status of 27.03.2020 - CET 23:45

How many cases have been reported?

  • Active Cases: 5,698

  • Total Deaths: 92

  • Total Recovered: 42

  • Serious Critical: 241

- Coronavirus Scientific Committee Meeting (26.03.2020)

  • The Minister of Health and the Minister of National Education delivered the following statements:

  • There are plenty of middle-aged cases. This virus does not discriminate between ages. If a patient has a disease aware/unaware, the virus will expose it and treatment will be harder than expected

  • Avoiding close contact and staying at home was the main message.

  • Schools are closed until April 30, as per the recommendation of the Scientific Committee

  • Education courses are delivered online and on TV for a while. *Please do not take this period as a holiday and make sure children understand the situation*

- What about the operations of Marm Assistance?

  • Our company is currently on BCP RED sequence of preventive measures. 

  • Workstations from home have been activated (all employees are working from home) to reduce the risk of infection

  • So far no employee has been tested/reported Covid-19 positive

  • Medical - Roadside Assistance - Travel (logistical support) is 24/7 on duty

- What is the general situation in Turkey?

  • The government announced an end to all international flights and informed that the pandemic councils would be formed in Turkey's 30 biggest cities to take additional precautions if necessary.

  • Officials are not disclosing the location of cases to prevent the risk of increasing transmission rates by encouraging people to move from areas with high numbers to places where there are no or few cases.

  • Ramping up measures against the outbreak, Turkey also limited intercity bus travel and banned walks and fishing along the seashore and beaches, as well as jogging in forests and parks on weekends.

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