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COVID-19 response from Marm Assistance

As a global solutions centre for assistance services, Marm Assistance is closely monitoring the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in all of our communities and we are taking proactive steps to meet the challenges presented by this ongoing pandemic in order to minimise its impact on our people and our business.

Our primary focus has been to protect the health and safety of our people, their families and that of our customers and business partners. As with many organisations, we are taking steps to ensure that the health and safety of our staff is safeguarded, whilst where possible seeking to secure the continued operation of our business and protect the interests of our customers. We are following all government guidelines and regulations in relation to travel and site access restrictions. In addition to this we have imposed the following measures:

All activities including

- Operational services will be handled remotely

- The 24/7 alarm centre will be managed from our home stations

- all non-essential business travel and event attendings have been stopped

The updated 'Emergency Response' & 'Business Continuity' plans implemented by our in-house IT team and previous investments in our Contact Centre infrastructure enabled the home office setup to become functional in a short time. Today, we can assure 100% capacity and business continuity for remotely

We maintain regular contact with our customers and will keep all partners updated if the situation changes materially. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with us and e-mail to or

We'd like to thank our staff for their commitment to the Company, and our business partners for their continued support.

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