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COVID-19 Turkey Update


24.06.2020 (23:00 CET)

- Despite the easing of restrictions, number of cases still not increased significantly as feared. The number of new cases range between 1200 – 1300 every day in the last few weeks.

- Wearing masks became obligatory even in open areas as of 22nd of June 2020 in 48 major cities including Istanbul and the capital Ankara. People who does not abide the rule are subject to receive 900.00 TRY fine (approx. 115 €) according to the General Public Health Law Article 282.

- Ministry of Tourism announced that they prepared certification program in cooperation with TSE (Institute of Turkish Standards) for touristic facilities. The program will seek answers to 130 questions to certify the facility with Safe Tourism Certification

- Ministry of Tourism announced that a new COVID-19 Insurance is now available to cover the potential costs of a COVID-19 disease of incoming tourists.

COVID 19 Tourist Protection Insurance will be available as of 1st of July.

Insurance packages can be purchased

a. With tickets of contracted airlines

b. Inside the airport at points of sale before passport control

c. Online

d. From tour operators

There will be 3 types of coverage limits,

1. 3,000€ which will be sold for 15€

2. 5,000€ which will be sold for 19€

3. 7,000€ which will be sold for 23€





Article by:

Dr. Mevlüt Cengiz,Operations Manager

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