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COVID-19 Turkey Update #8

Outbreak Update

- Turkey’s COVID-19 Outbreak Curve started to decline since early May.

- Current Disease Statistics:

There are currently 153,548 confirmed cases and 4.249 deaths in Turkey,

60% of cases are in Istanbul.

820 patients in ICU, 424 of which are connected to a ventilator.

112,895 patients cured. 1.729.988 tests have been performed so far.

- Today 22.05.2020 current numbers of total cases are 961 and deaths 27


- Some hospitals including private ones are designated to admit and hospitalize COVID-19 patients. The rest of the hospitals are designated to be clean of the outbreak. Marm is able to arrange examination and admission in any of these hospitals.

- Most of the hospitals have vacant ICU beds. Turkey has never experienced a shortage of hospital beds and equipment during the pandemic.

- There is no screening test for the public yet. If one have risk factors or symptoms, testing in a private medical facility can be arranged

- Private hospital chains that had appointed some of the hospitals as pandemic hospitals are now returning some of those hospitals to the normal non-pandemic state to treat routine patients.

- Health Condition in Resort Areas. Many Resort area hospital chains have spared one of their hospitals as a Pandemic Hospital. They can diagnose and manage and admit COVID-19 suspected cases. Eg Baskent Alanya Hospital, Opera Yasam Hospital, Antalya Anadolu Hospital and Acibadem Hospital.

- Referring to the circular issued by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey, Turkey will be able to receive patients within the specified branches from 31 countries as of 20.05.2020.

Patients visiting from following countries below will be accepted:

Iraq, Libya, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Greece, Ukraine, Russia, Djibouti, Algeria, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Somalia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Germany, England, Netherlands, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Patients will be accepted at the following branches: Orthopedics and traumatology, general surgery, pediatric surgery, urology, ophthalmology, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, surgical oncology, gynaecological oncology surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, neurosurgery, haematology, intensive care and reproductive therapy applications, organ transplant and bone marrow transplant.


- National and International and transit flights are currently not performed.

- The state announced that these flights will start as of May 28th. Airlines companies already started tickets sales from that date. Major Airport operators began preparation to start operation as of May 28th.

- Sun express started one-way flights from Izmir, Adana and Antalya to Frankfurt, Munich and Hamburg as of 20.05.2020

- Currently, Major cities including Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir are not allowed to have land, air or sea access for travellers. Lorries, trucks and other vital vehicles are exempt. Travel restrictions to Major Touristic cities Antalya (Alanya, Kemer, Manavgat, Belek, Side), Mugla (Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Dalyan) and Aydin (Kusadasi, Didim) have been lifted as of last week.

Minister of Tourism informed that they started to license Hotels and Resort areas for Outbreak Safety and Hygiene. Once the obtain this certificate they will start to accept guests as of May 27th.


- The previously performed weekend lockdowns continue. It was announced that lockdowns will be applied during the coming Ramadan holiday on 23-26 May 2020

- Elementary type lockdown on people below 20 and above 60 years of age continue since 10th of April. These citizens are allowed to leave their homes for a few hours within walking distance, for one day a week.

-Shopping malls and beauty shops are reopened.

- Surgical masks, which were banned for commercial purchase since 09.04.2020, are planned allowed for sale with standard prices, to avoid exorbitant pricing.

- Wearing surgical mask remain obligatory in all public places, markets, state offices and public transports.


Article by: Dr. Mevlüt Cengiz, Operations Manager

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