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COVID-19 Turkey Update


08.07.2020 (15:00 CET)

- Wearing a face mask is mandatory in all closed and open places all around Turkey, especially in public transportation and other crowded places.

- Public transport, employee shuttles and private vehicles can carry only half of their normal passenger counts. Wearing a mask is mandatory if there is more than one person in the vehicle.

- National and International flights are currently operating. Wearing a mask during the flight and at the airport is obligatory. For Turkish Nationals obtaining a HES number (Online COVID-19 follow up and travel registry application) pre-flight is mandatory. This is not needed for nonTurkish travellers.

- The epidemiological study planned by Turk Stat and operated by Ministry of Health where more than 153,000 randomly selected houses are tested with PCR and Immunoglobulin are continuing. The study’s purpose is to identify immunity level in the Turkish community in general.

- Average number of new cases slightly decreased to 1000s/day this week. But number of average ICU cases is still stable.

Article by:

Dr. Mevlüt Cengiz,Operations Manager 


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