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COVID-19 Turkey Update #9


29.05.2020 (21:00 CET)

  • Total Cases: 162,120

  • Total Deaths: 4,489

  • Total Recovered: 125,963

  • Total ICU Patients: 662 (324 intubated)

  • Total recovered: 125,963

Population of Turkey 84,254,857

- Ministry of Health Announced that the outbreak is now under control. The daily number of cases has dropped to around 1000s. Daily numbers of death are below 50 now. Further decrease is expected.

- Hydroxychloroquine is the first line of treatment for outpatient cases and many inpatient cases continue despite some new about the safety of disease. Azithromycin and Oseltamivir are the second-line drugs depending on the clinical condition of the patient.

- Ministry of Health continues to decrease the number of Pandemic wards in state hospitals.

- A new 1,000-bed capacity emergency hospital has been augurated as of this week in the premises of old Ataturk International Airport.

- Use of surgical masks is still mandatory in all public places, public transports and gatherings. Ministry of Industry announced that a national project to create a SARS-COV-II virus vaccine still underway.

Article by: Dr. Mevlüt Cengiz, Operations Manager  mevlutc@marm.com.tr