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Digital Transformation Process

As Marm Assistance we are continuing our journey within the digital transformation program and invested in the products of `Automation Anywhere`, one of the leading RPA systems in the world, to increase efficiency, reduce costs and herewith focusing on value-adding solutions. We are working together with eSystems to transform all manual business processes into automation that we deem appropriate especially in operational areas.

As step one, we transformed the manual processes of our Finance department and handed over the integration and operations of an average of 35,000 invoices and 10,000 payment transactions annually to robotic systems. Thanks to the business partnership we have made with eSystems, we will transfer 25 more processes to our robots in the coming period. In this way, we will take a very important step in our digital transformation program and increase the competitive power of our company.



Alp Ertunga

Head of IT Department

Marm Assistance

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