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  • Çiğdem Özek Yazar

Technology is bringing international healthcare to where the patient lives!

Doctor consultations are taking place on computer and mobile phone screens. A plethora of new ways of monitoring and diagnosing patients are coming in to help supplement the delivery of remote medicine. Telehealth and telemedicine are finally becoming mainstream. The fact that some patients needed expert opinion meant that telemedicine came to the fore.

In chronic diseases, followed up by experts is very crucial and technology is bringing more closer touch for the sake of patients. For example, in Diabetes, the notebooks filled with the last measurements are history now.

The trend is a service that is a combination of technology (online measurement) and a health expert (online doctor or a nurse) who is managing the disease with the patient according to fresh data collected from the patient. That is not only bringing high-quality care and low mortality and morbidity rates but also significant cost savings in a long run because of fewer complications to spend on to be healed and less intake of medications.

Teleconsultation is also a game changer in medical tourism.

medical tourism
medical tourism

With restrictions on travel likely to continue for some time, the growth of teleconsultation and telemedicine will continue apace. So, what will the “new normal” of medical travel look like. For patients pursuing low-cost minor interventions, teleconsultation will certainly play a far greater role in the pre-travel diagnosis and post-travel consultation. In the higher value areas of medical travel where expertise is the driver, COVID-19 may be a game changer.

Is it a better solution for the patient? Patients do not want to travel for healthcare. They would rather receive healthcare at home, supported by their family and friends in an environment that they are familiar with. If the expertise can be delivered from a distance, and the hands-on treatment delivered by a local clinician or a robot, then why travel? Medical travel takes the patient to where the doctor is. Telemedicine is moving international healthcare from the doctor’s office and operating theatre in one country to the country where the patient is.

More digital healthcare technology is being used now than ever before, presenting massive opportunities for providers to transform services and for investors seeking growth markets at a time when traditional asset-backed industries are going to the wall.

It has been observed that the pandemic can adapt to telemedicine services. Walls of fear or simple obstruction around technology have been shown to be breakable.

We believe that the next decade will present massive growth opportunities.
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