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MedEvac near from Iraqi-Syrian border

A file was opened for a 3-year-old child patient at Idil State Hospital, based on the customer's request for a medical report. The relevant hospital is located close to the Iraq-Syrian border, in an area that is not sufficient in terms of transportation and general facilities.

When the Marm Assistance Medical team contacted the hospital, the patient had a fever and undergone a seizure. A preliminary diagnosis of bacterial meningitis was made. The treating doctor made a request for the transfer of the patient over 112, as the hospital was not capable of providing the necessary treatment. For this reason, the patient just received emergency treatment provided in the Emergency Unit Service and was not admitted.

However, for a long period due to Covid-19 restrictions and the patient’s special situation, he needed to be urgently transferred to a hospital with a pediatric neurologist where he could be treated in intensive care with isolation measures. The case management was passed to us to find a suitable hospital and transfer the patient.

Based on our network findings, we made contact with all hospitals with adequate capacity within the 500 km border. The most suitable hospital in the region was about 3 hours away from the current hospital. However, due to the pandemic conditions there is no bed, so the hospitals could not accept the patient.

When it was accepted that no hospital could be found in a nearby location, work began a 2nd action plan for air ambulance organization to Istanbul or Ankara locations, including ground ambulance services so the patient could continue treatment to continue the treatment. A hospital organization that could accept the patient was organized in Istanbul and the necessary organization was started for the transfer procedures.

As action was been taken for the air ambulance transfer process from our side, we were informed that the patient would be transferred to Private Batman Yasam Hospital, based on the earlier transfer request made to 112 by the treating doctor at Idil State Hospital

Based on the discussions between our medical team and the doctor at Private Batman Yasam Hospital and the adequacy of this hospital, the necessity of transferring the patient for further treatment was informed to the insurance company.

Upon approval of the insurance, a hospital arrangement was made to have the patient admitted in Istanbul. Ground ambulance and air ambulance were organized in a short space of time. Due to the patient's companion, necessary PCR test adjustments were made for the air ambulance.

Marm Assistance covered medical expenses at Private Batman Yasam Hospital, despite not being in our network and subsequently the patient was transferred to Istanbul by air ambulance without further delay.

Daily medical follow-up of the patient’s treatment and progress was made in Istanbul. After 8 days of hospitalization, the patient was discharged with full recovery.

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