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Electric Car Mobile Charging Service: m-sarj

Potential electric car users in Turkey are mostly concerned about what will happen if they run out of charge while driving.

As Turkey’s first assistance company which led the way to various innovations in the country, Marm Assistance brings in a brand-new solution for this concern. Mobile charging service m-sarj offers on-the-road charging without towing, relocation or rerouting.

Marm Assistance has been providing road assistance services for automotive brands, fleet and rent-a-car companies, insurance companies and tire brands for 35 years. Thanks to its flexible structure, tailor-made services and innovative solutions, Marm Assistance is recognized as the value-adding business partner, as exemplified by m-sarj.

Globally growing trend of electric cars first needs to meet two preconditions in order to expand in Turkey; adequate number of electric cars brought or produced in Turkey and increasing number of charging stations for those cars.

According to TEHAD (Turkish Association for Electric & Hybrid Vehicles), number of electric cars sold in Turkey in 2020 is 844, while 400.000 in Germany. For the same year, number of charging units in Turkey is 800 and 28.000 in Germany.

These numbers reveal the very limited volume of electric cars and long distance between charging stations in Turkey which results in a big question mark in potential electric car users – “what happens if I run out of charge before reaching at the next station?”. This concern which is also closely linked to the consumer purchase decision is now clearly met by m-sarj solution.

Based on its pathbreaking vision, Marm Assistance has launched the first mobile charging service m-sarj in Turkey for providing expanded usage of electric cars, sounder unique selling proposition for electric car brands and more importantly, for clearing up the hesitations of potential end-users.

So far, the only alternative for electric cars running out of charge on the road was to call a tow truck to reach at the closest charging station which would take at least 4 to 5 hours. This alternative that costs time – the most expensive resource of our era – is long gone now. m-sarj offers only 1 hour of full-service period, beginning from the first call of user until the start of engine, without rerouting for the next charging station.

m-sarj offers mobile charging on roadside with 22 kW capacity charging unit for up to 80 km range in just 20 minutes. First launched in Istanbul, m-sarj will shortly be available in other cities as well.

Last but not least, Marm Assistance confidently promises that m-sarj will not be the last innovation within 2021!

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