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Marm Assistance, which undertakes services such as the evaluation of medical cases, following the daily status and medical files of the patients referred to the most appropriate service provider, using the wide service provider Network in Turkey and the MENA region with consultant doctors and nurses who are experienced in the medical assistance sector and have different clinical experiences,is at your service with a large operations team that is fluent in many foreign languages and alarm center.


With its Evidence Based Medicine approach, the knowledge of its clinical experienced medical team in Turkey and MENA, constantly renewed integrated information technology solutions and a network of more than 3000 contracted service providers in the region, marm assistance produces solutions for complex and costly files.

Muhasebeci İş Başında

With our network of more than 3000 service providers in Turkey and the MENA region, we provide 24/7 service to the on-site examination (House Call) requests of international companies that we are solution partners with, through the contracted health institutions, with expert healthcare professionals and business partners.

Hasta Odasında Muayene

marm assistance has taken the lead by starting flight medicine within the borders of Turkey since 1989 and continues to provide air/land ambulance service together with its expert business partners.


As marm assistance in the field of clinical and airway patient transfer; We are proud to have transferred thousands of patients or injured by air ambulance and scheduled passenger planes since 1986, with our medical team consisting of doctors, nurses and paramedics who are experienced, certified, have the American Heart Association advanced life support (AHA-ALS) certificate and can speak many foreign languages.


Consultancy services are provided in the fields of the medical hotline, Expat health, health promotions and trainings, job suitability examinations, and measures to be taken regarding regional health issues (Epidemic and communicable diseases, vaccination) that multinational companies need in addition to the legislation in Turkey.

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